Jordi Marcè
-Jordi Marcè Architects is a society which keeps a work TEAM with a young spirit, in constant preparation and well motivated, diversified in their specialities, which allows to preserve a multidisciplinar criteria, providing a suitable environment for rich creation, as well to speed up the work according the priority of the projects. The studio is formed by 8 architects and 5 construction engineers.
-Our society is conceived as an INTEGRAL Client Service Company. The basic planning is the total management of their interests, which goes from pre-buying advising to the urban planning project, construction permission, executive project, project management at construction, budget management, industrial and technical coordination, finishing construction act and instruments for the project launch (renders, animations, etc.)
-We offer the complete dialogue with the administration in all the areas. The criteria is having a global and extensive master key. The architect is not exactly a manager, but the client needs this management with efficiency. Our society offers a very valued balance between architecture and MANAGEMENT understood as ..."Do not wait until things happen. Make things happen".
-Our compromise, further beyond the quality of our work is... "to do fast what others can't do". With the reliability and EXPERIENCE proved in the last 18 years in several areas as urban planning, public and private equipment, public space, public and private housing and resorts, etc. And a total construction area of 1.000.000 m2, global management of 300 million euros and 500 has of ground qualified for new building land.
- The EFFICIENCY reducing to the maximum the project times, from the first sketches to the executive project and the final construction phase. Always keeping high architectural standards and adjusted to the according budgets.